Tuesday, September 16, 2014

L.A. Fair

September is such a great month.  Not only does it bring with it the beginning of the fall season, which to me is the beginning of the holiday season…but it also brings with it the L.A. fair. The only thing about september is that it is normally scorching hot!!!  And I think that this year is worse than any that we've experienced in the past.  Just yesterday it was 106…yikes!!  Regardless, I love it when the L.A. fair comes to town.  There is something that is so fun about going and seeing all the animals, eating the food, and walking through all the exhibits.  This year we went with my parents, and Oma.  I was afraid that it was going to be miserably hot, but when we got there the weather was BEAUTIFUL, and it was really fun.  The only bummer was that Kyle was supposed to meet us there, but he ended up getting stuck at work, so it was just the kids and I.  Even though we missed our daddy, we had a lot of fun seeing the animals on the farm, feeding the sheep and goats, and eating the classic fair food, and drinking the chocolate milk…milked fresh from the cows on the farm.  Yum!  Emma Jo was glued to my mom, and Grayson had a lot of fun with Papa Jack….especially when he bought him a sword.  We plan on going back with Kyle(and we pretty much have to, because I didn't get to enjoy my FAVORITE fair treat…a bowl of fruit and other goodies covered in CHOCOLATE…mmmmhmmm), but if the time gets away from us and we don't make it back, I am so happy we were able to go and enjoy the fair with my family.  Spending time  with family is priceless…I wouldn't trade it for the world.  So, here's to making memories together.  Life is too short to not spend time with the ones you love. 

We miss our Daddy

Gray had to get a picture with the tractor

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Grayson started preschool yesterday.  He was so excited!  It was so precious.  We have been talking about it for weeks now, and he finally got to go yesterday.  I wasn't going to put him in this year, because I am not ready to let my baby boy go to school, but he kept asking to go every time we passed a school.  I signed him up for Tiny Tots through Yorba Linda, and he goes MWF from 12-3.  Kyle was able to stay home and take him with me yesterday, which was so nice of him to do.  It was such a big day for Gray, and I was so happy he could be there.  We took lots of pictures, and I couldn't WAIT to pick him up.  I was nervous when I got there because I could see all the kids, but Gray was not with them.  I wasn't sure where he was.  When I got in the classroom I saw that he had some sweat pants one.  I guess he had an accident about 5 minutes before school ended.  We talked about it, and now he knows…."What are you going to do when you have to go to the bathroom at school??"…."Tell Mrs. Shelley!"  I am so excited for him.  I know that it will be good for him.  I am so excited because he is so  excited.  It was a big day, but it went great.  I really like his teacher so far.  She is very sweet. 

My baby is in school.

How does that happen?

The only up side is that I get to have special one on one time with my baby girl.  I have never been alone with her, so I am excited to make her feel special.   

Life changes.

A lot faster than I would like it to.

I wish they would just stay small with me forever…

We took him to a special breakfast at the Pancake House, and he got waffles with strawberries and whip cream

Mrs. Shelley

Our Precious Girl

Happy Birthday Kyle Jay

Happy birthday to the most amazing husband a girl could ever dream of.  Especially this girl.  He is such a wonderful husband, father, and person all around.  He inspires me to be a better wife, mother, and friend.  I love him so much, and am so grateful to have him as my companion through eternity.  He loves me at by best, and at my worst.  I could not be luckier to have him.  No girl could.  

Happy Birthday Kyle Jay

May the last year in your twenties be the best year yet

I know each year for me gets better

….with you.

I love you.

One Last Hurrah!!

So, this last weekend we went to palm springs with the Hancock side of the family.  It is tradition to go over Labor Day, and the guys golf, and the girls do whatever girls do (with kids).  Sydnee and I decided that this is not our favorite trip, because our husbands are gone a lot of the time.  Regardless, I wouldn't trade the time with family, and I know that Kyle has a good time with his dad and brothers, so it makes the trip totally worth it.  Us girls (and the kids) swam...went to the mall…swam...went out to dinner (with the guys)...and swam.  Grayson was sad to come home, as always.  He loves spending time with his cousins, and swimming and having fun.  He kept telling me, "Let's go back to the hotel and swim mom!"  Oh Gray Bay, how do you explain that vacation has to come to an end to a 3 year old?  We did have a good time, and were able to stop at Cabazon on the way home, which I have always wanted to do.  It wasn't all that it was cracked up to be, but we did get some cute clothes for the kids at OshKosh B'Gosh.  Traditions, traditions….until next year!
Splash pad!!

Kiddie Pool

Sweet boy

Nobody would listen!

Boys and their R.C. Cars




Happy Birthday Jay!

Eyes are always closed….

Trying to get a decent picture of the kids

Monopoly championship